Md. Pavel

HR & IT Officer
  • House-141, Road-01 , Baridhara DOHS

Md. Pavel, the astute HR & IT Officer at IQ Architects Ltd, orchestrating a harmonious blend of human resource management and technological prowess. With a strategic vision that bridges the gap between HR and IT, Md. Pavel elevates our organizational dynamics with a holistic approach.

Bringing a wealth of expertise in HR strategies and IT solutions, Md. Pavel crafts an environment where innovation meets seamless technological integration. His keen understanding of workforce dynamics ensures a nurturing and productive workplace, while his adeptness in IT fortifies our digital infrastructure.

Through a unique blend of HR finesse and technological acumen, Md. Pavel optimizes our operations, fostering a culture where talent thrives alongside cutting-edge technology. Experience the convergence of human resource brilliance and technological innovation at IQ Architects Ltd, where Md. Pavel spearheads the synergy between people and technology

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(075) 123-7654

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201 Liverpool Street, Suite 721, London

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