Project Management

Our company provides Project Management services for startups and existing businesses.

Our experts will help you manage your projects to achieve high-quality and timely results.

According to the results of the consultation, you will receive a report on the work executed within the project, the results and work efficiency.

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Design Concept Development and Planning:

We work closely with you in developing a thorough understanding of your business needs
and project criteria. A program of space allocation and operational relationships is then
developed and presented to you for approval. This program forms the criteria for space
planning and the overall design.

Space Planning:
Once the business needs and space criteria are developed, we begin to design a space plan.
This includes locations of partitions and furniture layouts. We ensure the space plan is
designed to maximize the use of available square footage and is functional and efficient for
your specific business criteria.

Construction Drawings and Specifications:

Once we have established your space plan and design concept, we then complete
a construction drawing package. This document is a complete package outlining all the
information needed to have your project constructed just as you envision it.
Finishes and Materials Selection

We ensure that all finishes and materials selections meet your specifications and:

1. Are appropriate to your specific business criteria
2. Meet all necessary safety standards
3. Are aesthetically appropriate for your project
4. Are feasible within your project budget