Furniture Evaluation and Specifications: 

IQ Architects will help you specify furniture that best meets your business needs and
culture. We source the best products for your project and work closely with manufacturers
and. We help ensure a successful order and installation is achieved while keeping your
budget in mind.

Electrical, Voice/Data and Audio-Visual Coordination:

We specify installation locations for all your voice, data and AV specifications. We work in
collaboration with your IT Department, or your Electrical Engineers to establish the
specifications for all the necessary cabling.
Reflected Ceiling Plans and Lighting Layouts

We indicate:
1. Installation locations and specifications for all the lighting, switching and controls
necessary for your project.
We provide:
1. Construction details and information regarding any specialty ceiling elements.
We work:
1. In collaboration with Mechanical Engineers to verify the locations of any HVAC ceiling

Schedules and Budgets:
We inform you of all aspects required in the design process and offer time estimates unique to your project. We offer you realistic expectations of the costs involved for the successful
completion of your project.