IQ Architects’s key service are:

1) Interior design & Consultancy
2) Interior Construction
3) Architectural design and consultancy

Our main expertise on the commercial interior. Last few years we mainly practice in the
commercial sector. In this sector, we developed our client list by maintaining the following
work process.

Building architectural is a very sensitive work. We are the best building design service company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The design is both noun and verb. The design is an activity, a process, so it is considered a verb. The design is a process of creating a plan for the desired end. As the output of a design is a thing, therefore it is also called the noun. In brief, design means the making of a plan to achieve the target and satisfy the requirements. The output of the designing process is a clear reflection of those target or goal and requirements. And architecture means the art and science of designing a building and non-buildings structures. It also means the designing method of construction of buildings and other physical structures. So, architectural building design in Bangladesh is a concept that unifies all the components or elements of a system or structure for achieving the objectives under the given constraints or limitations.

Construction technology: Technology is the collection of techniques, skills, methods, and process that is used in the production of goods and services or in accomplishing the objectives. And construction is the process of constructing a building or non-building structure. Every building or architecture needs a unique set of design criteria concerning the intended functions, performance, and fine arts. And construction technology makes these design solution real.