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About Us

At “IQ Architects Ltd ” we are proud ourselves not just being as an Architectural consultant, we
have also construction and materials sourcing capability as well. We administer everything
from civil work to Consultancy of interior design and Construction. All our works are
Using our Seven years of experience and knowledge, we thoroughly evaluate every
property, discuss the client’s preferred design ideas, and then provide detailed schematics
and graphics so you can visualize your project vision of future even before we start the
renovation. Our prices are very competitive. You can rest assured that once hired; we are
always there for you.


  • The objects for which the company is established are all or any of the following (all objects will be implemented after obtaining necessary permission from the Government/concerned authority/competent authority before commencement of the business):
  • To carry on any kind of Tender of Government, Semi-Government, Autonomous, Private sectors attend in Bangladesh within the legal frame work of the laws and rules of land. The conduct training, workshops, seminars and symposia to improve skill, technical knowledge, expand trade and investment, promote products and technologies. To carry on any kind of Construction of building, interior, Water treatment plants, Oil pipe lines, River management, Dressing, Water and Surge management.
  • To act or negotiate on behalf of Government, Semi-Government, Autonomous, Private sectors as well as foreign investors by legally permissible way. The Company can provide them the services as desired by them, such as land developing works, plotting for their Housing Estate or modelling their Complex, or Apartment.
  • To act as consultants for surveying, Mapping, Drawing, Engineering design, Architectural design, Interior & Exterior designs, Urban & Rural Planning, civil engineering works, Consultancy and preparing feasibility reports for project of all kinds and descriptions such as Engineering, Industrial, Chemical, Commercial, Meteorology, Agricultural, Irrigation, Soil-Testing, Horticultural, Economic, Geological, Dockyard, Forestry, Transport, Drainage, Sewerage & Town planning.

Our Approach


Surveys and Quotes

Our team will survey your project, collect infor & build quotes

Design and Performance

We design best solutions and then performance it based on design

Handover and Support

After complete project, we will handover full & support 2 years


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