Team building activities are an integral part of any successful organization. They foster camaraderie, boost morale, and create a positive work environment. At IQ Architects Ltd, a Top leading architectural firm in Bangladesh, fostering a strong team spirit is a priority. Recently, Team A of IQ Architects Ltd organized a delightful picnic at the scenic Mamta Palli Resort in Savar, Bangladesh. The event was graced by the esteemed presence of Tamanna Islam, the Chairman of IQ Architects Ltd, and Faisal Bin Naim, the Managing Director. Let’s dive into the details of this memorable day!

Team IQ

The Excitement Builds:

The day began with an air of anticipation as Team A gathered at the resort. The team members, consisting of architects, designers, and project managers, were looking forward to a day filled with fun activities and quality time spent with colleagues outside the office. The presence of Tamanna Islam, the visionary Chairman of IQ Architects Ltd, and Faisal Bin Naim, the dynamic Managing Director, added an extra layer of excitement to the event.

Team-Building Activities:

To foster collaboration and teamwork, a range of engaging activities was organized throughout the day. From outdoor sports like football and volleyball to team-building exercises and ice-breaking games, every activity aimed to strengthen bonds and encourage effective communication. These activities helped team members understand each other’s strengths and work together towards a common goal, both professionally and personally.

Relaxation and Pampering:

In addition to team-building activities, the day also provided ample opportunities for relaxation and pampering. The resort’s spa and wellness center offered rejuvenating massages and therapies, allowing the team to unwind and recharge. A dip in the resort’s pool provided a refreshing break from the summer heat, while strolls through the beautifully landscaped gardens offered moments of tranquility.

Bonding Over Delicious Food:

No picnic is complete without a delicious feast, and the IQ Architects Ltd team was treated to a scrumptious buffet. The resort’s chefs prepared a wide array of culinary delights, ranging from local delicacies to international favorites. As team members sat together, sharing laughter and stories, a sense of camaraderie grew stronger, fostering deeper connections among colleagues.

Words of Encouragement:

During the picnic, Tamanna Islam, the Chairman of IQ Architects Ltd, and Faisal Bin Naim, the Managing Director, took the opportunity to address the team. They expressed their gratitude for the team’s hard work and dedication, acknowledging their contributions to the firm’s success. They also emphasized the importance of teamwork, creativity, and innovation in shaping the future of the organization. Their inspiring words motivated the team members to continue striving for excellence.


The Team A picnic at Mamta Palli Resort was an unforgettable experience for the IQ Architects Ltd team. It provided a welcome break from the daily routine and created lasting memories of togetherness. The presence of Tamanna Islam, the Chairman, and Faisal Bin Naim, the Managing Director, made the event even more special, demonstrating their commitment to nurturing a strong team spirit within the organization. As the team returned to work with renewed energy and camaraderie, it was evident that the picnic had successfully fostered stronger bonds and enhanced collaboration among team members.

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